Don t condemn officer for massage

No matter what Albuquerque Police Department officer Jeremy Dear did do or will do, there will always be someone who will be evaluating what that is. There could have been a better option of an eating place, never have been there, but have heard the food is great. However, judging him for a visit to a Chinese massage is plain silly and ignorant. Numerous medical insurance is spending for goes to for massages because it has lots of health benefits, consisting of assisting stress which was probably a real concern at the time and is for numerous officers today. Just recently there were news reports that policemen were getting massages arranged by their department after among the terrorist attacks. It may be time for Chief Gordon Eden to move on or get educated on the best ways to much better look after the officers in his department.

It appears that your staff that writes editorials should educate themselves on subjects they want to blog about prior to the blast or condemn a decent career such as the massage therapists who frequently offer better health advantages than the doctor who push drugs for a cure. Obviously your staff’s and Chief Eden’s concept of a massage is the outdated massage parlors of the 60s and 70s, when they were utilized as fronts for prostitution. If policeman Dear had gone to a medical doctor and gotten drugs to deal with stress, would you have bothered to write about that? No policeman is anticipated to give his/her life when confronted with the criminal elements out there, so when they are involved in a shooting event it only makes good sense to give them paid time to deal with the tension prior to continuing active service.

Just how much training is offered to the buddy officer designated to them? Do they have standards or are they just designated and anticipated to know what to do? Another concern that could/should be asked: Why was the woman who was shot out there dedicating criminal offenses? Finger pointing can go on and on. The reality is that it is not a safe place out there for residents or officers, and without the officers we will wind up with a society we will not be able to make it through in.

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